The Royal Ruckus – the band that will charm anyone with their blues influenced groove and their rough soulful melodies. Since their start in 2012 they have released 4 EP’s and played sold out venues like The Tivoli (Helsingborg, Sweden) and Kulturbolaget (Malmö, Sweden). They have always had songwriting and live shows as first and greatest priority, which you can tell by the looks of the bystanders faces.

The band consists of four members. Guernica Mancini fronts with a voice and charisma that really takes you back to a time when singers like Janis Joplin reigned. The man with the golden axe is Oscar Ericsson and he’s the guitarist who with accurate riffs and a sensual tonal language supplements Guernicas singing in a way that only one with roots in the classic rock genre can do. The bass and the muscles of the music comes from Linus Sorensen. Stable like no other he delivers innovative bass lines that shakes the floor and build bridges. At the back, we have Martin Behm Stener who with his wild, yet sophisticated, drumming plays a major role in the Ruckus sound. It is hard, but soft!

The main focus of 2016 was set to the german market and the major cities of northern Europe to keep expanding the ruckus brand.With this ever developing rock based groove machine there’s no doubt The Royal Ruckus have a very bright future ahead of them.
The #Ruckusinvasion is coming!